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Strategic Alliance Services Pty Ltd
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The Australian Property Market is the cornerstone of most of Australia’s wealth. Almost 70% of Australian are buying their home and it is the biggest asset they have. Unfortunately, is often the only asset and not enough to retire on. We are going to show you how to help people achieve a quality retirement while earning an impressive six-figure executive income and creating the work/life balance that you have always wanted.

We have more than 40 years’ experience both in Australia and internationally in property research and investment, Superannuation Funds especially SMSF, Customer Record Management and much more. We have been helping Australians to plan for a successful retirement by providing them the information needed to successfully learn how to use their existing asset base to grow a retirement nest-egg that will free them of the worries millions of Australians currently have about their financial future.

We will teach you how to confidently and legally show people how they can create a retirement portfolio far beyond their wildest dreams. We will train you how to assess each person on an individual basis and liaise with them to unlock their personal preferences so as to direct them to the best investment opportunities based on those assessments. You will be armed with forty years of successful expertise and data to enable you to guide your clients on a proven investment strategy and to enable you to be the master of your own destiny.

You will work smarter, happier and with a feeling of fulfilment knowing that you have changed people’s lives for the better. You will also be shown how you could comfortably earn a well-above average income in excess of $30,000 monthly working on a part-time basis. Imagine having the time to spend with your family or friends and the capacity to travel first-class for holidays, buy the latest prestige vehicles and live in the upmarket suburb you have always wanted.

We will provide all your initial and ongoing training, all your Personal Investment Analysis software and stationery. Your required business alliances will be set in place including accountants, financial planners and brokers, legal contacts and property management companies so that you can confidently go out and make money for yourself and show your clients the pathway to a financially secure future.

For more information and to open your eyes to a financial future you have only dreamed of, please call the number above TODAY!