The single biggest mistake I ever made.
  • 2 years ago

I was addicted to a drug.

I got brave and opened up to one of my clients last week about this..… “what drug Sarah? How long for? How did you get off it?”

I’ll come to back that a bit later. Let me fill you in on what life was like for me back then.

It was back when I first started coaching. And I had to cold call from the yellow pages 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. No database to call from, no personal names to ask for, and a weekly KPIs based on call numbers and appointment I had made.

I knew this going into the role. I would be required to build my portfolio. Didn't bother me. I had worked in sales a long time.This would be a piece of cake!

Man did I get it wrong.

It was soul destroying. I hated it.

I would come home after work and cry. I would sneak into the toilets at work and cry some days. (For those of you that don’t know me very well.. I am not exactly what you would call an emotional person. I don’t do tears. At least I didn’t up until that point in my life)

Which I guess is how the weak mindset came into play. I needed something. I couldn’t keep going the way I was going. The long-term game was that I knew coaching was something I should have started much earlier. I was confident of that of much. Everything else… to be honest just felt like crap.

So I got addicted…To a drug calledhopeium.

For those of you that just made thepfewsound… stay with me. I will prove it’s a real drug. I will prove it’s just as dangerous as the others.

Ok so back to my addiction. Here’s how it played out day to day…

SB - hammering the phones.

Prospects – stop bothering me. Get off the phone.

SB - hammering the phones

Prospects – stop bothering me. Get off the phone.

SB - DESPERATE to not get rejected and taking any form of silence, hesitation or pause as a YES and booking them into a meeting with me.

Whoo hoo! KPI achieved!

Only it wasn’t really achieved. I didn’t care though becausehopeiumhad kicked in by that point.

And so it went on. Booking meetings with people I knew would not make great clients. Booking meetings with people I knew would never turn up.

Hopingtheir attitudes would change.

HopingI could change their minds.

Hopingfor something to change…

Long story short is I got over my addiction. I got a bit of much needed tough love from my manager and realized what I was doing. I changed tactics for lead generation and also started doing more training on sales (big shout to Ari Galpher and his training– highly recommended his stuff to anyone in sales)

Anyway the reason I am sharing my mistake with you today is because at some point in our lives I think everyone gets addicted to this drug. I’m hoping to meet the right man/woman. I am hoping my fitness will improve. I am hoping my business will turn around soon.

Hope may be necessary to get through bad days…but hope alone isn’t enough.

Are youhopingto sell your business one day?

Hopingyour cash flow is going to improve?

Hopingto increase your sales and profit?

If you are then be certain to ask yourself the tough questions – what is your business really worth? Is that enough to retire on? What are you doing today that will increase your margins or improve your cash flow tomorrow?

Hope is not a strategy.

In fact – it’s super easy to come up with a plan to fix your current problems.

  • Acknowledge where you are at right now and what the main problem is
  • Write down where you would like to be in 6 – 12months (or whatever time frame is appropriate)
  • Reverse Engineer from solution to problem

I’ve over-simplified the process here. There are lots of people, companies and tools out that can help with step 3. Good old “dr google” would probably give you the answer if you ask the question. Take advantage of other people’s content marketing. Most companies that are good at what they do will often tell you the answer you to your problems without charging you a cent. (You only have to pay if you want help implementing)

Either way – there is no excuse to let yourself be addicted tohopeiumthese days.

For my own curiosity more than anything – email me back or comment below – have you ever been addicted tohopeium?

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Sarah Beth Cleaves